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» Rules of Chaos Flare Duel Academy
Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:03 am by Kuroha Neko

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» How to build a deck by Asian Pichu
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 Rules of Chaos Flare Duel Academy

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Kuroha Neko
Kuroha Neko

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PostSubject: Rules of Chaos Flare Duel Academy   Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:03 am

1. Respect all the kittys ( Members ) of the academy

2. There will be no harassing of other members of the academy

3. Do not spam the forum and it's content. Double posting is not tolerated  unless if it's separated by a time period of 24 hours only.

Examples of Spam:
1.1 - Posting things that have nothing to do with the topic.
1.2 - Necro Posting (Necro Posting is reviving a topic that has died for
more than 1 month unless it is yours and you're bumping it with
something useful)
1.3 - Using another language in your posts. This forum is an English only forum.
1.4 - Typing whole sentences in caps. It's obnoxious and not needed.

4. You cannot post sexual content

5. No advertising for other academies

6. Chat box rules are pretty much the same as above.

7. Members are not allowed to war other academys unless you inform the admins or mods

8. Life shall not be conducted without the high kitteh councils approval. ( Without Admins Approval )

9. If a problem arises between members tell a Mod or Admin so they can deal with it accordingly

10. If an admin or mod is abusing there power tell the founder so he can remove the person from the panel.


                                     Testing Rules
1. Decks that are not allowed and subject to change: Exodia, Burn-based, Infinite Loop Decks, Stall-based, HAT ( Traptrix, Artifact, Hands), Any Shaddoll variant, Lightsworns, Bujin, Soul Charge Quaser,  

2. If you use any of the decks listed, you will instantly get a 0 and receive exactly 1 free chance at instant retry (This retry only can be given once, and must be used instantly.)  

3. If the testee is disrespecting the tester in any way the test will be null and void and the testee will be kicked from chaos flare. ( Must have screenshots of the disrespect and vice versa.)

4. No cheating. Know your rulings.

5.  There must be a observer in the duel before it begins. ( if it starts before obsever is there the duel must start over)

6. The tester will be final say on rulings, As long as he/she provides proof of the correct ruling.
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Rules of Chaos Flare Duel Academy
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